Sinergies with ENI CBC MED projects

One of the fundamental principles that the FISH MED NET project strives on is creating a cooperative environment among the various stakeholders, by providing the necessary visibility of the involved stakeholders to third parties. All of these efforts aim for a better world to live in and similarly the project also seeks out synergies with other ENI CBC MED projects who share similar goals. In this page it is possible to view the different projects that have synergies with FISH MED NET and learn more about what UN SDGs are shared with each project.

The Youth Employment in the Ports of the Mediterranean project aims to increase the involvement of youth by upskilling the level of port-logistics, increase local employment opportunities with job placements and strengthening the role of SME’s operating in the port ecosystems. The project is aims in creating a collaborative national and transnational partnerships between stakeholders involved in the port-logistics throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The CROSSDEV PROJECT is a project built to elevate lesser-known tourist destinations through socio-economic, local culture and their heritage throughout the Mediterranean. The project has developed a collaboration among countries by enhancing sustainable tourism policies and practices with the aim of ameliorating the livelihood of the stakeholders involved.

The RESTART MED! project contributes to the economic and social development of the Mediterranean, revitalizing the sustainable tourism economy after the pandemic through 4 key strategies: diversification, innovation, deseasoning, and local economy development. The project aims at reshaping the tourism demand, supporting authorities in developing sustainable tourism policies, and encouraging cooperation among tourism stakeholders.

Explore between our last proposals

Pesce Azzurro Spa

The Pesceazzurro self-service restaurants located in the Marche and Emilia Romagna, along the Adriatic coastExplore and Contacts
Cuoppo e non solo

The Cooperative Nuova San Francesco with the aim of enhancing the small local coastal fishing also aims to encourage the diversification of activities and the development of ittitourism. Explore and Contacts
Ittiturismo PingOne

MB Pingone, is a 15 mt fishing vessel equipped for drift net and longline fishing.Explore and Contacts
Piccola Pesca Monterosso al mare Soc. Coop

Beppe has carried on the family tradition. Guided by his passion, Beppe has untertaken a highly personal battle to defend traditional fishingExplore and Contacts

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