Antoine Duval

Antoine is an emblematic fisherman of Propriano and even of Corsica. Today he is retired. In the course of his career, he has long held elected positions within professional fishing organisations as Vice-President of the Comité des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins de Corse and second prud'home de pêche d'Ajaccio. His profession is a family tradition that goes back more than 5 generations. He is the president of the Propriano fishermen's association and has a room in the port where numerous archives on Propriano's artisanal fishing are displayed and stored. It catches all varieties of fish according to the season. Lobster is still traditionally a prized catch. In the past, Propriano was a Mecca for lobster, with a packaging factory installed in the port. Today Antoine practices pescatourism in order to work less (to enjoy his retirement) while testifying to the general public on the reality of the professional fishing heritage and the trade.

AddressQuai des pêcheurs Port de Propriano, 20110 ProprianoPhone33683274434Emailbachine@orange.frActivitiesFishing


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Antoine Duval

Antoine is an emblematic fisherman of Propriano and even of Corsica. Today he is retired. Explore and Contacts
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